Depression Proof Your Life: Why I Still Smile (MP3 Set)



(Part 1) Loving from the Heart
Apart from experiencing the love of God, you will
never be made whole. Life will always be empty.
Experiencing His love is the key to living an abundant life. Learn practical ways to express that love to

(Part 2) The Joy is Now!
Bonnie teaches with her husband Dave that the things that Jesus spoke are for the purpose of bringing us joy right Now! Find out what it takes to experience joy in your daily life.

(Part 3) Truths and Lies
Truths pull you up and lies pull you down. The lies
about yourself are in your head, put there by you or
someone else. How should you feel about you?

(Part 4) Grace in Galatians
Do you live under grace or under the law? The book of
Galatians shows you how to live free and light.