Throw Yourself A Party (MP3 Set)



Facing extreme adversity? Do circumstances seem beyond your control? Tempted to give up? It’s time to throw yourself a party!

What To Do When Your Ship Is Sinking (Part 1): Paul always rose to the top, even when his ship was going down. Discover seven proven ways you can release God’s power for deliverance!

Don’t Quit! (Part 2): Suicide is the ultimate quit! It’s what the devil’s trying to do to all of us. Just remember: God will never leave you in a negative situation. He always has a way out!

T-E-M-P-O-R-A-R-Y!!! (Part 3): Problems never leave you the way they found you. Only you can choose your response. If you’ll play it down and pray it up, God will help you through!

Defend Your Joy (Part 4): Joy thieves come in many different forms to rob you of your strength. In Christ, you are well able to prevail-if you protect your joy!